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Velocity Aileron Disc Road-ish Rims


Velocity Aileron rims would have offended my delicate art school bike mechanic sensabilities in 2001. But that was 17 years ago. Having ridden wider, taller rims, I not only get the benefit, but I am fine with the look. I look at old box section rims, and as a wheel builder, I think, flexy, weak, bad. If rims need to be wider and taller to make better wheels, then that’s the way they should be built. There is truly beauty in how well these rims lace up. The resulting wheel is stiff, strong, tubeless ready and close to perfect when it comes to radial and lateral tru.

These are not touring rims, they’re everything but touring rims. You can race cross on these, do gravel rides, road rides, commute, whatever. They’re strong and stiff but not burly enough for loaded touring. Overnights are fine, just don’t take them to Tibet with a 100 lbs touring rig.

Ask us about a custom wheel build using Ailerons!