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Veloci Old Street





**Note Shipping will be a separate charge & we still require a purchase of at least $500 in parts for any frameset sale**

The graphics on the Veloci Old Street frameset are weird but good weird, on-point weird. On point as in dope-rad- superfly, not like On Point with Meghna Chakrabarti. Although I do love Meghna. Not like that. Like I love Steve Innskeep, and Daniel Schorr. Dang I miss Daniel Schorr. That guy wrote some fine editorials. Ok back to this bike. I, James, your narrator for this tale, spent years (from age 18 to 29) on a singlespeed mountain bike. It was more or less all I owned bike wise. I mighta had some junkers, but I was committed to the singlespeed life. Which at the time meant a firm commitment to bad quality zines, sideburns and very hoppy beer. It was a simpler time. A time when I lived in a squat in Baltimore, and had a pet (I didn't know that at the time) rat repeatedly crawl into my sleeping bag (don't worry I eventually threw it out the window). A time when it was ok to listen to Ska, if it was an underground Ska band. A time when we un-ironically combined lycra shorts, wool jerseys and clipless pedals. Ok, it was a horrible time.

Moving on.

The singlespeed thing was my jam for a long time. Then I moved to a place with big ass mountains, and it no longer worked. Flash forward 10 years. I’m back on them. Just needed time off. And to have geared bikes in the quiver as well, options are good, sometimes.

The Veloci Old Street is the frame I’d pick for singlespeed whatevering, commuting, casual gentle hills road rides, bar runs, record store hopping, swimming hole journeys, trips to pick up the latest Danielle Steel novel ‘Dangerous Protrusion’, about a love triangle between a fallen aristocratic lady, a carpet cleaner named Bill, and his goiter.

It’s perfect for anything in Florida, Kansas, Nebraska, or the Steppes of Mongolia. Most of Eastern Colorado. Does anyone ever admit to living there? I’ve never met anyone from there. I think if you live in Eastern CO, you get a PO box in Boulder, so people don’t look at you and say huh? When you tell them where you are from.

Butted chromo tubing, as all good frames have. Pretty light, but tough, etc. V brakes or Cantis. 700x35mm tire clearance. Or 28s and fenders. The brake bosses are removable, so if you wanna take the rear brake studs off and go fixed, you can. 100 / 120mm front and rear spacing. 68mm BB shell. 27.2 seatpost. 29.8mm seat collar. Norm core EC 34 1 ⅛ headset. QR / Bolt on dropouts.

Buy this frame. But only as a semi complete or complete! We don’t just sell frames, we’re not nuts.

Note: optimal sideburn length diagrams and early 2000’s mixtapes available on request.