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Veloci Cycles Disko 80s



**Note Shipping will be a separate charge & we still require a purchase of at least $500 in parts for any frameset sale**

Not back to the 80’s, just straight Back to 80’s. Get it right. Another cool whip from super secret brand Veloci. We pronounce it Velo-Chi, but heck if we know how it’s actually said. Go with Velo-Chi, it sounds great! Back to 80s is a disc brake dirt road slayer / chill easy single track / upright relaxed century whip. Basically it can do a bit of whatever, but the important thing is, whatever it’s doing, it looks good whilst doing it. Which is more than can be said for me, I really need a haircut and to stop wearing the same shirt everyday.

700c x 40 tires or 650b x 47. Go 650b if you need extra squish, go 700 if you wanna keep up with roadies on the C ride night. Candice has hers set up with 44mm 650b tires and fenders, works a treat. Comparable bikes to this: All City Space Horse, Velo Orange Pass Hunter, Soma Wolverine, Surly Midnight Special. Gotta say though, this one has a really cool frame tubing situation, as well as the best retro 80’s paint scheme I’ve seen in ages. If you want your bike to drip with anodized bits, this is your chassis of choice.


DISKO 80'S 英文規格 車??.jpg