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Unior Torx T-Handles


Torx Size

Torx bolts are getting more and more popular. It makes sense, but I’m not used to it yet. Torx bolts don’t just drive on a few edges, like a hex bolt does do, they use a splined interface, which increases the amount of contact betwixt tool and bolt. As these bolts become as prevalent as auto-tune, the sizes used have proliferated. It used to be that only disc rotors used them, and you only needed one size. Nowadays, there are a bunch of torx bolts being used in different sizes. Best to roll prepared.

Ultra tough tool steel, with ergonomic handles in Vodka sauce red and orange. Not all T handles have such nice handles. These are durable but they don’t feel cheap like super hard plastic handles do. These have just a touch of give, like a silk tubular tire at 200 psi.

All Unior tools are made in the EU, in a country where they take spa baths in beer. A concept worth supporting, in a round about way.