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Unior Third Hand Tool


E’ryone makes a 3rd hand tool, but this is the nicest we’ve used. It has the beefiest handles, a two stage tool dip thing that looks nice and feels RIGHT in your hand. It works like everyone else’s, but feels better to use, and that counts for something, I think. It’s also made in an old factory in Europe, you know, the kind where people actually like to go to work, and there’s beer vending machines. Unior has been making some of the best tools in Europe since 1919, and that’s saying something cause the Germans do like to make really nice tools. Oddly, there’s no German bike tool company that I know of.

3rd hand tools are used for taking up cable slack and holding cable adjustment whence working on V brakes, cantilever brakes, or mechanical disc brakes. They also work a treat for tightening the heck out of zip ties. Try it! It’s worth it just for that.