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Unior Cone Wrenches



Everybody that makes cone wrenches makes them as unergonomic as possible. Let’s make this cone wrench feel like holding the wrong end of a butter knife! Yeah, great idea, Ron! It’ll be perfect for when people really need to honk on the handles, super fun!

Ron, here is your pinkslip. These Unior Cone Wrenches have big fat, double dipped handles. It’s more like holding onto a rubbery, flattened hot dog, or something else that is fun to hold. They’re even Ketchup n' Mustard colored. Who says it’s bad to double dip!?

Heat treated steel. Made by Unior in the land of the Christmas Bathtub Milk Carp. Mmmm. True story: When I was a younger fellow, my buddy Cory and I went fishing for an Xmas Carp, so he could use it woo his at-the-time girlfriend. We lacked fishing tackle, so I forged some Wheelsmith XL 14 spokes in to hooks on his huge Vulcan stove, and then we used hemp twine for the line, and empty film canisters for bobbers. Obviously carp like cheese curls, so that was bait. There were many adult beverages involved in the complicated planning. We then hurried down to the city pond and went fishing, at about 3AM. No dice. The next morning, we put a fiberglass patch on his canoe (there had been a previous incident involving haybales that had caught on fire, a number of chickens and a keg of beer, and of course a cow costume), and set off for the Potomac river. After braving the rapids, we arrived at a rocky island. To our surprise, there were lots of huge carp in the eddies behind the big boulders. Hooks baited, we tried to lure them to their death. Alas, it was late December, and the carp were too interested in watching the Christmas Story for the 43rd time to be interested in our bait. We dangled it thusly, but nothing. No bathtub milky carp Xmas dinner for Cory.

We say: get all of these cone wrenches, cause you never know when you will need a 14mm. But if you have to be choosey, there’s a safe bet your front hub uses a 13mm and 15mm, and your back hub uses a 15 and 17. But… there are exceptions! Don’t say we didn’t warn ya.