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Teravail Coronado Tires

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Big round tires are whatcha want for bike packing.  Low knobs mean less knob flex, which is what you want for hard packed dirt roads, most trails and some pavement mixed in.  The height of these tires, even on wide rims, is pretty impressive.  You can run these really soft.  15psi under 200lbs, if you are not a smasher basher thrasher type rider.  Candice is 130lbs or so, and rides 10 in the front, 12 in the back with these.  If you are bigger and wanna run that low, do some Cush Core tire inserts and max the traction.

Cornering is consistent, no weird transitions.  Climbing is good in all but the slickest wettest conditions.  The Coronado doesn’t pack up with mud.  Kinda a perfect all arounder, if most of your riding is off road.  27.5 x 3”.  We only sell the light and supple version of this. The other versions are kinda silly, because you are running these tubeless, and tubeless tires don’t need insanely thick casings to resist flats.  Put these on a 30mm or larger rim.