Fun Aluminum anodized chainring bolts

Color:Turquoise Euro Asia

Most folks just install a chainring bolt and forget about, only remembering they are there when one falls out on a long tour. But chainring bolts can be tiny works of art, and the best ones are. There’s no reason to use chrome plated bolts. Chrome chips then flakes and rusts. Chainring bolts should only be made outta two things: stainless steel or aluminum. Aluminum is plenty strong enough for this application.

Install chainring bolts by coating the threads with a bit of beeswax, spoke prep, or if you have to, grease. Really though, use beeswax. If you don’t have a park tool chainring bolt grabber tool, you need one for these chainring bolts, and probably to remove your old basic ones.

We stock a few nice looking chainring bolts. Before you get all up in arms about the cost of a bolt, think about what goes into it. It’s 10 pieces: 5 front bolts and 5 nuts. They are very precisely made. If they were just normal stainless bolts and nuts, they’d be only about 5 bucks less, with no colors, engravings or anything fun like that.

Want the most durable bolts? Just get stainless. We have basic stainless bolts that work great for single rings or doubles.

Want the prettiest bolts? Get some alloy bolts in a fun color. We stock a wide range of these, from TA, Tioga (NOS!), and Euro Asia. They all do the same job. Buy based on need and color. If you have a triple, get the double bolts plus some stainless granny gear bolts, you don't see the granny bolts so they can be boring.

If you have a single ring up front, get Wolf Tooth Bolts

Sold in 5 packs only. If you have a 4 bolt crank, you can keep the 5th as a spare in your tool kit, which is a good idea for anyone rolling around with a 4 bolt crankset anyway.

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