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Stainless Chainring Bolts


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Living in a state where there is a mud season really makes you appreciate things that don’t rust. Stainless steel doesn’t rust like normal steel does, it oxidizes. It’s a long winded and boring explanation, but the nut shell is that Chromium Oxide forms, not rust. The oxide coating is so thin that it doesn’t spall, aka flake off. Even if it’s scratched off, the freshly exposed stainless steel just re-oxidizes. That’s a good thing. Rusty threaded surfaces are bad. Just ask any Vermont car mechanic.

Stainless steel chainring bolts are great for any high load chainring application. That means: if there is high torque (low gears), or a weird strain (fixed gear), you want steel bolts. Alloy chainring bolts are cool looking, but they’ll snap like Bogart in ‘In a Lonely Place’. Been there, done that. Terrifying if your only brake is your chain, and suddenly your chainring is flopping around, no longer attached to your cranks.

We sell 3 versions of these chainring bolts. Double chainring bolts, for traditional doubles, a middle ring and a trouser guard or for the outer 2 rings of a traditional triple. Single ring bolts, for track or and singlespeed set ups, or 1x rings. And lastly inner bolts for triple granny gears. There’s 5 bolts, cause really, that’s how many there should be. If you don’t need the 5th bolt, put it in your bag and use it when someone else's bolt falls out on tour.

Install chainring bolts by smearing a bit of bee’s wax on the threads, and then a touch of crystal grease. When you install the double/single bolts, you need either luck or a Park chainring bolt tool, which we have here. Make sure they’re plenty snug.

Stainless steel. Sold as a set of 5.