Spécialités TA Carmina Crankset Complete: 110 / 74 BCD Triple Black Spider and Rings

Black Chainrings and Spider:48/36/24

There are very few practical and beautiful triple cranks out there these days.  TA still makes this one in France.  We configure it here with a 110 / 74 BCD double spider, but you can swap that later on if you want.  That's a compact touring triple, for those who worry about such things.  This was the most common crankset for mountain bikes back when mountain bikes were called ATB bikes the first time around.  Sugino invented this standard to kill off the flexy and not all suited for off road riding TA Pro 5 Vis popularly known as the TA Cyclotouriste crank.  It's the best set up for true mixed use riding, providing you don't need ultra ultra easy gearing.  Get the 94/58 bcd triple if you need that!  

We've picked the most commonly requested chainring combos.  If you want a fully custom set up, contact us.  

TA cranks use the ISO (italian) taper for their bottom brackets.  You really want a TA Axix bottom bracket in there.  They're well made and rebuildable.  Available here.  

We source the parts for these from 3 different places, and we don't always have everything in stock.  Point is, it can take up to a week for us to ship you complete crankset, but usually not any longer.  

The cranks come with the following, all installed:  

Carmina arms with lockring and self extracting crank bolts. Carmina Spider.  TA chainring bolts, steel.  TA Zephyr middle and outer rings, Zelito inner ring.  The Zelito is just what TA calls the matching inner ring for the Zephyr outer rings.  It's the right ring.  Don't sweat it.  A note about the rings.  They say 9/10 speed on them.  We've used them with 11 speed chains with no issues.  They were just made before 11 speed stuff was a thing.

What's a Carmina good for: 

It's ideal for bikes with 68mm bottom bracket shells, but can be adapted to 73mm shells as well with some spacers that you can ask about until we bother to get them online.  TA Carmina cranks fit any currently available Rivendell, all of the Velo Orange models except the Piolet and of course many more bikes.   Fits most bikes steel frames that are designed for 2.3" tire clearance or smaller.  Not for steel bikes with clearance for 2.8" tires, or fat tubed aluminum mountain frames, or carbon frames with big chainstays. 

Worried about clearance?  Get a metric tape measure or ruler, some masking tape and a pen out.  Add your crank length to 15mm.  If you are running 170mm cranks, that means you need to factor a total crank length of 185mm. Measure from the center of the bottom bracket shell to that number.  Put a piece of tape there and mark the exact spot where the crank arm will pass the stay. Do the same on the other chainstay.  Then using calipers or a tape measure or ruler, measure across the stays, from point to point.  

  • 130mm or 126mm hubs:  123mm wide or narrower stays = ok
  • 135mm hubs:  128mm wide or narrower stays = ok
  • 142mm rear hubs: 132mm wide or narrower stays = ok




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