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Schimdt Male and/or Female Coaxial Connectors for Soldering


Connector Type

You can use these male/female ends to add a quick "break-away" to any wire (but they are easiest to install with Schmidt's Coaxial Wire) on your bike. Say you have rack or fender mounted taillight and you sometimes remove that rack or fender. You could add these in-line somewhere near the headlight and keep the taillight attached to the rack or whatever and quickly be able to reconnect it later. Or say you have a travel bike with S&S Couplers or a Ritchey Break Away frame, but also a dynamo hub and need to be able to easily, frequently, and safely disconnect your headlight and taillight without damaging the wires. Or you need to add in a male plug to your Sinewave Revolution or Reactor to plug into a Y-junction box on your Edelux headlight. You're in the right place! The instructions show soldering on a male end for use with SON's coaxial hub adaptor but the procedure is the same for the female end as well or if you don't intend to use the male end with the hub adaptor.

Here the instructions are for download as a PDF:Coaxial-Connector-Soldering-EN-2018_A5.

You'll need a soldering iron, a jig to hold the wire and adaptor that you are soldering on, soldering wire, wire strippers, a sponge, a fan and a well ventilated work space, safety glasses.