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Paul Component Moon Units

Out Of Stock

We assume Paul named these tiny anodized nuggets after the pile of half eatten Moon Pies he secrets in his bottom desk drawer. They sorta look the same, but the Moon Units are less gooey. Unless you install one while eating a moon pie. Really, you need 3 hands to install one, so probably skip the moon pie. Or cram it all in your mouth before starting, leaving communication relegated to gesticulating wildly if someone wants a word with you.

These chunklets work just the same as a normal, cheapo Diacompe straddle wire hanger. However, they are actually easier to field service by a tiny modicum, and inarguably, they look way better.

Mainly, you should install these if you like bike bling, esp bike bling that’s made with California Love.

Works fine with all cantilever brakes and centerpulls, as well as U Brakes.