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Paul Component Love & Canti Levers



In the history of mountain biking, there have been a number of great rim brake mountain style brake levers. Altek made the coolest ones, but Shimano’s XTR levers, Avid Ultimate’s, the forgotten Real Designs levers were all good designs. These days, you can get wicked light levers from Velo Orange and Extralight, and decent affordable Shimano Deore levers, but the nicest, strongest, levers are mostly gone.

Paul’s rim brake levers have a sealed bearing lever blade pivot. No bushing to wear out. Sealed bearing brake levers have no play between the blade and the body of the lever. Feels solid, like a John McVie bassline. The lever blade itself is sorta thick and fat across the front, with rounded edges so its nice to the touch if you ride sans-gloves. It’s one of the nicest lever blades to grab onto, minimal flex, good ergonomics. Brake cable slop is adjusted with two locking barrel adjusters. These barrel adjusters are nicely machined and easy to turn with gloves or chilly fingers.

The body clamps to the bars with a substantial but not overbuilt clamp. We run these at a relatively low torque, so that if you crash, your lever just sort of swivels outta the way, rather than bending. 4 NM is usually good. They won’t move under normal use.

Analog runs these levers with Jagwire housing and Pro or Ultra Slick cables, brass ferrules, and Paul Klampers, Motolites or Touring Cantis. You can use other brakes, but really, why would you?

Paul Love levers are long pull, for V brakes. Paul Canti Levers are short pull, and they work with Cantilever brakes, Centerpulls, U Brakes and Sidepulls. We only sell the 2.5 lever blade length for the Love Levers. They make a compact lever, but we think longer levers have more leverage, because… they do. We can special order the compact levers, but you have to write us a limerick about why you need them.

Made in the USA. Rebuildable. Ultra Tough. I have a pair from the early 1990’s. They still work, look & feel great.

We can get these in fun colors if'ns you are okay with paying a bit more and waiting potentialy a lot longer. Silver, Black, Polished are usually readily available. Let us know what you're after!