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Nitto x Blue Lug Side Loading Bottle Cage

Out Of Stock

Finally. A side loading bottle cage that looks good. It only took 100 years of bottle cage design to get to this point. Previously, if you wanted a side loading cage, ‘twas gunna look hella ugly. Plastic, or be made of carbonium, both overpriced and ugly. Fairweather, a rad bike parts and sometimes frame maker outta Japan, doodled this cage on a cocktail napkin, probably while listening to Aja for the up-teeth time. It’s classic but without precedent, minimal, light, beautiful. Nice enough to use even if you don’t need a side loader. Who needs side loading cages for sure though? Folks who ride with small frames.

People routinely pay 60+ bucks for crappy, ugly, cheap carbon cages, but for some reason scoff at the price of a hand bent, hand brazed, plated cage. This cage is underpriced by 60 dollars. It’s a steal. It’s likely going to be the nicest part of your bike. Buy it and be happy that it’s under 150 dollars.

Made in Japan by Nitto, brazed perfectly, then plated.