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Nitto M-18 Front Rack



The Nitto M18 rack is a perfect front rack for light loads.  Think: handlebar bag support, or a stuff sack strapped on there with a rain coat, a Jethro Tull mixtape, a Minox B, and your well thumbed copy of Battlefield Earth.  Under 5lbs, that’s what this rack wants.  Now, five pounds isn’t a small amount of weight.  That’s a 5 pack of beer.  Perfect for city and road riding, where the rack won’t undergo a ton of strain like it would off road.  You can mount a basket to it, with zip ties, no sweat.

Made by Nitto out of Nickel Plated Chromoly, with very nice hardware and aluminum struts.  You might have to trim the struts to length.  Just use a hacksaw.  Measure twice cut once and all that.  We recommend hitting all the threads with beeswax before assembly to keep everything snug.  

Fits on disc or V -bake bikes and some canti set ups.  Yes to high profile canits (think Mafac or Paul Neo Retro.  Nay to low profile cantis:  Velo Orange, Paul Stoplites.

You really want Mark’s rack mounts for mounting this.  Those are little barrels brazed to the front of your fork, a few inches below the canti studs, or where your canti studs would be.  Don’t try to mount this to a carbon fork, or to low rider mounts or Manything mounts.  They’re too far away, wrong orientation, or just not advisable, in the case of the carbon fork.  If you have a carbon fork, the best way to carry gear is to have an uber driver follow you around with your gear, while blaring Kiss: Dynasty.