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Nitto F32 Rack



Nitto originally designed this rack to haul lemon vinegar kit-kats and cuboid watermelons, but it has much use beyond its original design criteria. It’s Nitto’s strongest little front rack, and you can load it up with a heavier bundle of firewood than the more adjustable Mark’s rack. Its strength lies in its simplicity. No movable parts. No aluminum struts. Just tubular chromoly, fillet brazed by a skilled hand. The finish is typical Nitto perfection: impeccable brazing, followed by tough nickel plating and hand burnished to a lovely dull lustre redolent of an early 70’s Pioneer receiver.

Ideal for a Wald basket or decaleur supported bar bag. Also works well for mounting big saddle bags on the front of the bike.

These racks do not (typically) work with V brakes. It’s an ideal rack for bikes with canti’s or disc brakes. We put the Nitto 32F on bikes with Mark’s rack mounts: Crust Romanceurs, Hunqapillars, Joe Appaloosas, etc.

Keep the weight under 15 lbs on this. For loads greater than 15lbs, throw a voile strap around the front of the rack or the basket and loop it up to your bars as a support.

Install using some beeswax on the threads so the rack doesn’t vibrate the screws loose down the road.