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Blue Lug MKS XC Bear Trap III



Unlike DOD pedals, these pedals have a justified reputation for being the best. It’s an old reputation, but well founded. Suntour debuted these in the early 80’s, and they became a staple of the pre-clipless MTB crowd, as well as the go to pedal for BMX riders. Rebuildable, tough, light, grippy enough, these were the bench mark pedal for 10 years.

Suntour folded in the early 90’s, but MKS (who made the original pedals for Suntour) did not. Blue Lug, the spirit animal of the alt bike world in Japan, had MKS remake the old pedals, pretty much exactly as they were then. They’re not as grippy or as wide as say, a Deity Black Kat, but they’re grippy enough for gravel roads, commuting, road riding, and the like. Heck, you could probably race downhill on them, if people could catch big airs off vert ramps with them in the 80’s. We recommend them for less extreme stuff, and they work great for that. Being MKS, they’re well sealed, pretty easy to service, and have a nice but utilitarian finish. Made in Japan, of course.