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King Cage Flask Cage

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When Ron at King Cage needs to ride his bike over for afternoon tea with the inlaws, this is the cage he puts on his bike. Actually, he rides a Crust Evasion, and he can mount 5 of these. And so he does. 4 flasks for the ride over, and 1 filled with his fresh eBay score of N.O.S. Zima. That’s for doctoring his tea when his mother in law is off getting more chocolate digestive biscuits.

These cages hold any normal ole pocket flask. Not weird oval ones, or giant Nalgene flasks. Stainless steel flasks you pick up at Marshalls that say ‘Summer Fling’ or ‘Go Girl’ or ‘Here’s to You!’.

Ron makes these out in Durango, CO in his garage. Stainless steel, like cages oughta be. Plastic bottle cages are an insult to metal bikes. Metal deserves metal. That’s why Antrax never opened for Bread.

Oh yeah, we Analog’d these in non-Ron approved colors. Ceramic coated, in blaze orange, silky TJ Max bed sheet black, and flat grape soda.


"Hi Analog!
Isn’t the flask cage you sell the Oliver cage - made specifically for the Stanley Classic flask? That’s what I purchased from you recently (in blaze orange!) and it does indeed fit. I am pointing this out to you because your description says it’s for a standard flask. I somehow not so long ago(from another retailer) ended up with a King flask cage that will ONLY hold a standard flask, and that’s not what I wanted. You might want to fix your product description so someone else doesn’t get mixed up like I did. The funny thing is, the King Cage website doesn’t even list another flask cage(other than seat mounted) that holds a standard flask, so I don’t know how I got one."
-Thoughtful Customer A.S.