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Garbaruk Chainrings


Interface Type

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The best chainrings are works of art that perform well and last a long time.  Garbaruk, a small company outta Poland, makes some of the nicest rings we’ve seen.  TA is probably their only real rival in terms of finish.  7075 aluminum, which is what you want if you want your ring to last.  It’s more expensive than 6000 series, but it’s harder and wears better. 

Garabruk chainrings are light, but not flimsy.  The machining looks purposeful, no corners cut.  Chain retention is good.  

They make chainrings for a bewildering array of cranks.  We’re going to list a few here, but if you have a funky crank and want to  know if they make a ring for it, just ask us!  

All Garbaruk rings take about 2-3 weeks to get here.  We only have a few in stock, mainly to show people who wander in what they look like.  Too many colors, tooth counts and crank types to go deep with them.  But, if you get them thru us, you won’t pay the fat shipping charge from Poland.  So be rad, and order them here!

The anodized colors are super fun, and the colors are rich and deep.  

11 speed, but will work with a chain down to a 9 speed, although retention will not be quite as good. 

GXP / DUB crankset direct mount rings

110 bcd 5 bolt cranks 

104 bcd 4 bolt symmetrical 

Race Face CINCH