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Fairweather Handlebar Roll Pouch + Accessories bag



Are you a minimalist?  Do you spend hours drawing faint lines in geometric patterns on a thin smear of gesso spread over an elegant field of linen?  Are all your clothes cream and midnight black?  Do you only listen to bootleg acetates of the Theater of Eternal Music?  Is your house a glass cube?  If so, you should consider this Fairweather Handlebar Roll and Accessory bag.   Rename it HBA, that will make you feel better.  Only take it on rides that go in straight lines.  

If this is your life, I’m sorry.  It sounds terrible.  Go buy a Karp album and some drapes for that glass cube.  You don’t need need to be a minimalist in every facet of life to use one of these Fairweather bags.  You just need to be a minimalist bike packer.  By that I mean, don’t bring a chair, 3 pots, a huge gas stove, and a tent that you can stand up in.  Bike packing bags are about packing less, not more.  That’s a good thing, for riding, cause a heavy bike is less fun to ride than a light one, all things being equal.  

Traditional touring bags, or even the hip ‘basket packing’ encourage over packing.  Overpacking is for grandparents on long drives, who for some reason expect that when they arrive in a new state, there will be no possible way to get groceries or wash clothes for at least 3 months.  Handy in a siege, less practical for riding your bike on varied terrain.  Here’s what you should need for bike packing 3 seasons:

This bar bag, a top tube bag, a Liter Cage, a normal water bottle cage, a bikepacking style saddle bag, and two King Manything cages on your fork with small stuff sacks.  If you can’t fit all your stuff in those bags, you have too much stuff.  

You can also run this guy off your saddle if you so desire.

Back to this Fairweather bag.  It’s a roll top (side) bag, and you can load it from either side.  Foam blocks keep it off your bar so you can use the full handlebar.  The accessory pouch is big enough for tools, a light rain coat and the day’s lunch, plus a small camera.  The roll top part, the big compartment, is big enough for a 3 season down bag, or a light tent body and a down sweater.  It’s not fully waterproof, because the seems are not taped.  Pack accordingly.  

Stable enough for medium gnar gnar.

Made in Japan.  Light weight.