Emory Cloth By the Foot


Emory cloth isn’t a fine textile one would make a nice dinner jacket out of.  Dinner jackets, by the way, are a ridiculous concept.  And the word jacket reminds me of My Morning Jacket, whom I despise.  Some ‘music’ awakens a rage in me that I can only tamp down by leaving the room where the offending noise is being produced.  The sordid embrace of mediocrity is truly irksome to me.  

Back to Emory Cloth.  If you haven’t noticed, I randomly capitalize things, and it drives ye ole editor mad.  Before the 20th century though, capitalization was left up to the author to employ at will.  Standardization is overrated.  I think of capitalization like the sustain pedal on the piano.  You can use it to emphasis a chord without slamming on the keys.  Ok now, really back to the Emory Cloth.  

I guess it’s a cloth of some sort, but really what we have here is a roughly 1” wide strip of pliable sandpaper.  It comes in a big roll at the hardware store, but you only need a few inches to prep tubeless rims for tape.  So we offer it in a fruit by the foot format.  1 foot of tape will do 12 rims easily.  You kinda fold the cloth up, and rub the rim bed, getting the cloth into the nooks and, of course, also the crannies of the rim.  You know you done good when the anodizing starts to wear off a bit, and you can see raw rim under there.  Don’t go sanding all the anodizing off, just rough up the rim so the tape sticks.  After you sand the rim, wipe off the aluminum dust with a rag soaked in denatured alcohol.  Once that’s dry, you can apply your Discord Gov’t Issue tubeless tape, or any lesser tape you want. 

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