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Deity Crosshair Headset Spacers



Dang, I hate it when I get a crossed hair. Gotta have em straight and parallel, with 8 microns of space betwixt.

Most fancy headset spacers are priced like caviar. Cheap, bad Soviet caviar, but caviar nonetheless. For some reason Deity headset spacers are super affordable, but well made. Available in fun colors, including UPS brown, pitcher of rail margaritas green, maraschino cherry red, pew pew pewter, boring black, and glacial lake on a warm day in June blue. 9 bucks a set. 1 set Includes two 3mm, two 5mm, and one 8mm Spacers (total of 5 spacers per kit).

We sell matching Deity Black Kat pedals and valve caps. Mix, Match, Clash, do your thing.

The outer diameter of this is fine for use with aluminum stems, as long as you don’t mix in normal headset spacers. They’re perfect for steel stems.