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Clear Plastic Chainstay Protector

Out Of Stock

One of the more boring items in our catalog. It’s made in the US, oddly. Clean your chainstay, and slowly carefully smack this thing on there. We like to clean the chainstay with the tears of carbon bike owners. Actually, those are too salty and will rust your frame. Just use denatured alcohol. If you don’t have that, just use water, jeez figure it out.

Once it is clean and dry, apply. Rhymes! If you can come up with a ukulele jingle about plastic chainstay protectors, and send it to us, we’ll send you a free chainstay protector. The world needs more jingles.

These things more or less visually disappear when you apply them. If you want to go all fancy pants, get some cloth bar tape and wrap and twine your chainstay, then shellac it with flakes of shellac you chipped off of your roommate’s heirloom dresser. He won’t notice.