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Blue Lug Diacompe DC980 Cantilever brakes



High profile cantilever brakes offer the best mud clearance of any brake going.  When they’re not activated, the pads sit really far from the rims, so crud can pass right through.  If you don’t need gobs of stopping power, or ride with outta true rims, or ride in the mud a lot, these are the brakes for you.  I don’t mean to say you can’t stop with these, of course you can, but they don’t have the sheer stopping power of V brakes or low profile cantis.  They’re 100% easier to set up though, and very low maintenance once dialed in. Forged by Diacompe, who has made some of the most underrated brakes of the past 40 years. 

Hot Tip: set your straddle wire super high, you want the angle between the brake pivot and the cable anchor (that’s one side of the angle) to be as close to 90 degrees to the straddle wire (other angle) as possible.  

Sold individually i.e. buy qty 2 for a bike's worth.