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Blue Lug Brass Headset Spacers


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In a consumer perception survey of 64 people after 14 days of installing a Blue Lug Brass headset spacer:

-- 92% agreed this helped melt every appearance of traces of uncool from their bicycle.

-- 94% agreed this left their bike appearing cleaner and more ‘gram worthy.

Blue Lug Brass Glow Moisturizing headset spacers contains illuminating metal ‘Brass’, which can help instantly brighten the look of the bike, and helps dull paint schemes temporarily appear more radiant. This headset spacers contains ingredients which have been shown to help to invigorate the bike and help to temporarily reduce the look of played out parts and early 2000’s attempts at ironic bike builds.

How do I use it: To use Blue Lug Brass Glow Moisturizing as a buzz kill remover, apply to the steerer tube under the stem and over the headset.