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Bitex Touring Hubs




Bitex quietly makes some really great, affordable hubs. No logos. No hype. No advertising campaign. No pros ride them. But they’re good. The touring hub is especially good. Everything about it is overkill. Lots of big diameter bearings. Beefy wide flanges. Steel freehub body. Gigantic axles. They’re fully user serviceable with two 5mm allen keys. These are second only to White Industries Mi5 hubs as the finest rim brake touring hubs made. Mainly what keeps these hubs more affordable is materials, place of manufacture and finish. Bitex uses a steel freehub body, rather than White’s titanium. The Bitex hubs are made in Taiwan. And the finish is fine, but it’s not highly polished and then etched like the White hubs are. If you can live with a more basic hub, and you are on a budget, this is your jam.

We like to pair these hubs with Sapim Force spokes and Velocity Cliffhanger rims for ultra tough touring wheels that you will basically never need to mess about with.