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Bassi Bikes Hog's Back





**Note Shipping will be a separate charge & we still require a purchase of at least $500 in parts for any frameset sale**

We like bikes that can hold a line on the worst surfaces and the smoothest roads, and feel at home on both. This means: stiff frame and fork for minimal deflection, biggish tires, and the right geometry. We’re partial to long front ends and high bottom brackets, with what we call the ‘right’ headtube and seat tube angles. Not super steep or super slack. Good at climbing and descending. Candice and I both have Hog's Backs and descended them off a rocky ridgeline, with 900ft of vert or so. The road resembled a 90’s downhill course: rocky, loose, steep. There were rock ledges and gravel the size of softballs, but of course… not soft. Huge root systems spanned the descent, which made for a tech-y chattery ride.

The Bassi Hog’s Back handled it all well, even at a really high speed. With a Discord Creemee stem and some Spank Flare bars, we ripped the descent.

All the right braze ons for bike packing, commuting, touring. Stiff enough for all but the biggest loads. Double butted Columbus tubing.

If you want a gravel mushing, dirt road ripping, roadish, whatevering bike, this is it. It’s not a full bore mountain bike, but does fine on flow trails and log-overs. Not a full on road bike, only in the sense that it’s not a hyper aggressive bike. I’d rather ride a Hog’s Back on a century than an ‘endurance road bike’, whatever that is.

Bassi designed these to be ridden with something like a Jones bar, but we love dirt drops, so we are happy to help you get them set up with either.

Bassi designed in a small shop in Montreal Canada, not unlike our shop, and they’re friendly folks. We’re stoked to be one of the only dealers in the US for these lovely framesets.

Tech stuff:

47 and 51cm frames can clear 650b x 2.1” tires or 26” x 2.35

54 and 58 frames can clear 700c x 50 or 650b 2.35”

Fit notes: email us, really, as these bikes have high bottom brackets and long front ends. You’ll want a 30mm or 0mm stem if you are going to run drop bars. Standover is limited because of the high BB. More of a theoretical concern, but you want to make sure you get on a size that won’t hurt you if you do a quick dismount.

27.2 seatpost. 30.0mm seat collar.

68mm threaded BB

100mm QR front wheel, 135mm QR rear wheel

1 ⅛ normal headset

Ideal for 160mm discs front and rear, I.S. Mount.