Aquaseal SR Freesole Shoe Repair 1oz


Back when I was a kid, we made shoes out of musk ox tongues lashed in place with poison ivy vines.  If your shoe wore out, you just hunted down another musk ox with a gettin’ club, and procured a new shoe.  

Nowadays, shoes are like cell phones, disposable and kinda crappy.  Even the ‘good’ brands make bad shoes these days.  I hope it’s because environmental regulations have banned nasty rubbers and glues from production, but I’m guessing not.  I’m guessing it’s because there’s a downward spiral of quality to maximize profits.  The cheapening of the shoe is actually what ole Trent Reznor was wailing about all those years ago.  The cover of The Downward Spiral is actually a photograph of the last existing musk ox tongue shoe, which he wore on his ‘97 tour.  Take a look:

Point here is, shoes fall apart.  You can’t stitch them back together anymore, welted shoes are dead.  (yes, please don’t email me telling me there are still welted shoes, and good shoes, of course there are, go back to bed Grandpa, I know about Danner etc, but no one makes remotely affordable good shoes and that’s ultimately the point, remember to take your heart meds, you are looking a bit red…) Not only are welts dead, but shoe soles routinely delaminate.  It’s as if they want you to buy new shoes constantly....hmmm...

Fear not, intrepid cheapskate!  You can and should just glue ya shoe back together.  Disclaimer!  This shoe glue works on shoes, but not on marriages, bands, teeth, etc.  

Do your nose and remaining brain cells a favor and glue a shoe outside or in a ventilated area, like your roommate’s bedroom.  Helps to have some clamps, like these:  Bessey Steel Spring Clamp (Red, 2 1/4 x 2") XM5 B&H Photo Video

And/or a heavy weight, ideally your roommate’s collection of Pat Boone records.  Follow the directions, I’m not gunna recount them here.  I can tell you this: I love Chacos, but they don’t make ‘em like they used to, and they crack and delaminate like John Eastman under oath.  I’ve glued a number of pairs back to a semblance of health, using this glue.  If you exercise a modicum of caution, the repair is hard to notice.  I don’t, and it’s still hard to notice, but that’s because I have very dirty feet.  

Save a loved shoe, use shoe glue!

One tube is enough for 2 shoe soles I bet. 

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