Where to Stay in Poultney

Vermont is covered in great places to camp.  We dig the state parks, with their access to lakes and swimming, clean bathrooms, and designated camping sites. Lake St. Catherine State Park is the closest to the shop. It’s a 20 minute bike ride away, down a semi-busy but not too bad, road (Route 30). Our shop is also close to some great spots on Hipcamp, Air BnB, and even some remote backwoods camping. 

Our neighbor Gary has a cool camp up Ames Hollow Road that he is renting nightly or weekly. Give us a shout to get his contact information. 

There's also a decent, affordable motel just across the state line in New York called the Panorama with beautiful eastern views of the Taconic Mountains.

But if you wanna keep it simple, from May through October, you can camp here at the shop.  We have 8 acres of woods/wetlands, and a few very primitive camp spots that you have to ride or walk to. They’re just places to throw a tent, and a simple fire ring. You bring your food, water, all that.  There’s a porta-pot by the shop and that’s it. We’re about a 2 minute bike ride to East Poultney’s village green, where you can get food and beer and such at the East Poultney General Store. Mike and Emily will hook ya up with a good sandwich, VT craft beer, water, coffee, whatever ya need.  We have a rain water catchment system here at the shop, so if you need water for dishes or washing gear, you can help your self.

The shop is about a 3 minute bike ride to a great swimming hole in the Poultney River, and it’s a 15 minute ride or a 5 minute drive to the Slate Valley Trails ‘Fairgrounds’ trail network. The Endless Brook Trails are just a touch further. And the gravel road network starts about 200 yards from the driveway of the shop.

The fine print for camping with us:

  • We are not campground hosts.  We might not even be around when you camp.  Come with whatever ya need, there isn’t a camp store, just our bike shop, which is only open on the weekends .
  • Park near the shop.  Don’t drive up onto the camp area, the culvert over the wetland can’t handle the weight of a car.  Walk or ride up the fire road to find a camp spot.
  • Pack it in pack it out, leave no trace.
  • Camping is free.  We have firewood that’s designated for campfires that’s free, but it was a lot of work for us to process so if you want to make a donation for your camping or wood, we appreciate it!
  • Camping is limited to 3 days.  We reserve the right to kick you out if you are a jerk, loud, or creepy, etc.
  • Last thing, we live in the woods, but our neighbors are still relatively close.  Quiet hours are 10 pm to 8 am.
    Ideally, holler to let us know you wanna come camp.  We are ok with walk ins, but a heads up is rad.