Know Your PBH

There are two critical fit numbers, more important than any other number, when it comes to bike fitting the Analog way. Pubic bone height (PBH), and overall height. From these two numbers, we can figure out a whole bunch of stuff. Are there other factors? Yup, definitely, and we’ll go through our fit form with you when we chat on the phone or start emailing about your next bike. We consider things like: flexibility, prior injuries, riding style, age, weight, all of that and more. But PBH and overall height are the two big’ns, and they have to be accurate to be useful.

Check out the video below for how to measure your PBH accurately and quickly. Measure 3 times, and give us all 3 measurements. If you get an outlier, toss it, and start over. IE if you get 80 cm, 79 cm and 74 cm, toss that 74 like day old paw-paw!  

Your overall height is important too. Stand against a wall, put a book on your head, and do it the old school way.

If you’re riding with flat pedals, you want your saddle height to be roughly 10-11cm cm less than your PBH number. If your PBH is 80 cm, then your saddle height is somewhere between 70-69 cm, measured from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the saddle, in line with the angle of your seat tube. The subtract-10cm-rule is a good place to start. If you run a bunch, or generally have bad flexibility, then you might have to lower that saddle just a bit. If you pedal with your toes pointed or are hyper flexible, you might have to raise it.