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Peppermint Travel Toothpaste


The travel toiletries section of the pharmacy always used to fascinate me as a kid.  Maybe we’re predisposed to like miniature things.  I always wanted to start a restaurant that...

50' 1.8mm Dyneema Dynaglide for Tarp Ridgeline/Bear Bag Hanging


It seems bonkers town, but 50’ of rope is about what you need for an effective bear bag set up.  ‘Bear bag’ of course is just short hand for "bear/porcupine/squirrel/chipmunk/possum/skunk/raccoon/mouse...

UCO Utility Spork Two Pack


This spork is less spork and more fork and spoon and knife combo, with a spoon at one and end a fork with a (not gunna cut you) serrated edge...

Snow Peak Stainless Steel Metal Plate


A nice shallow stainless steel metal plate.

Metal Bowl


A perfect stainless steel camping bowl for noodles, oatmeal and other bowl worth foods.  Not huge, as the name implies, but big enough for a good sized helping of soup,...

Silicone Lid


Silicone lid for Snow Peak Insulated Stainless Steel Mug 300 ml or 450ml Sippy cup lid for the insulated Snow Peak mugs.  Keeps the hot in, also handy for preventing...

Snow Peak Stainless Cup


Japhy approved, I imagine.  Ideal for eating beans warmed over a candle in the back corner of a box car, or drinking green tea sourced from a remote mountain side,...

Snow Peak Stainless Tumbler


Yeti, let’s face it, is passe.  Snow Peak is timeless.  Snow Peak never updates any designs because they don’t need to.  Good design doesn’t age.   The Shimo Tumbler has nothing...

Insulated Stainless Steel Mug


If you are the type of person who thinks a ‘cup’ of coffee is 16 oz, then this is the mug for you.  Snow Peak’s stainless double walled mug is...

Hozuki Large Lantern


This fantastic Snow Peak lantern is named after a Manga series called Hozuki’s Coolheadedness.  The plot is quite dense, and I’ll try to summarize it quickly.  No I won’t, it’s...

Snow Peak Kettle No. 1


Snow Peak’s Kettle No. 1 is not incorrectly named.  Very few kettles work well as a general cook pot, or a bowl, or a big ass cup, but this one...

Snow Peak Bamboo Spatula


Metal spatulas damage anodized frying pans.  Not rad.  Bamboo is renewable, looks nice, and it’s light.  This is a good home / car camping / long bike tour unit.  Little...

Snow Peak Barista Kettle


Japanese made stainless steel kettle.  Good for coffee pour over action, ideally filmed at .5 speed, so we can see your swirly swirly technique.  Holds 1 liter of water, aka...

Snow Peak Barista Coffee Grinder


Have you ever thought, damn this coffee would taste better if I looked good while I made it?  If the answer is yes, every cup should be a ‘gramable moment,...

UCO Mini Candle Lantern Kit 2.0


Small, cute, light weight.  Comes with its own carrying sock which can double as a puppet in an emergency.  Quick, someone get the puppet and talk Stan out of Xeroxing...

UCO 12-Hour Beeswax Candles, 3-Pack


Mind your own Beeswax is a ‘softening’ of mind your own business.  But what if your business is beeswax?  Old Ben Franklin, weirdo coiner of such phrases as “Three may...

Morakniv Eldris (S) Knife


Rise early, very early considering how much bourbon was consumed around the campfire last night, and start gathering wood for the fire.  The night’s rain has soaked the kindling, even...

Morakniv Classic No. 2F Finger Guard (C)


If the Morakniv Scout knife is too small for you, but you want a versatile woods knife, look yon  longer not, as they say.  Morakniv makes all of their knives...

UCO Clarus Lantern & Torch


No, not the cheap Shimano Claris with their ‘smoothly rotating hubs’.  Look, if that’s a selling point on your hubs, then they obviously have very little going for them.  All...

Dr. Bronner's Wee Castile Soap


Here’s what you need to know about Dr. Bronner’s soap: Do you see those glasses he is wearing?  Dude is not messing around.   Good for bike packing: clean up dishes,...

Tenacious Tape Repair Patches


Big gear repair patches for your tent, jacket, sil-nylon stuff sacks, bike packing bag.  Works on most synthetic fabrics.  Not for waxed cotton.   Hot tip: using your first aid scissors,...

Aquaseal SR Freesole Shoe Repair 1oz


Back when I was a kid, we made shoes out of musk ox tongues lashed in place with poison ivy vines.  If your shoe wore out, you just hunted down...

Snap Repair Buckle 1"


Plastic buckles break.  Everyone knows it, most folks have experienced it, yet no one talks about it and bag makers are always sewing buckles into bags, where they can not...

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