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Jagwire Inline Barrel Adjusters


Everyone knows that Jagwires live in trees, in the jungle. They mainly hunt tourists, by setting up fake PokemonGo traps under their trees. After the tourist is eaten, the Jagwire produces these inline housing adjusters, which are harvested from the forest floor by tour guides.

Thankfully the world is full of tourists aka Jagwire kibble. Because the world of bikes needs inline barrel adjusters. If, for instance, you are running a drop bar brake lever and V brakes, or Shimano CX77 disc brakes, you won’t have a barrel adjuster on the brake lever to fiddle about with. Put one on the brake cable housing, and you are set.

If you have a bike that lacketh downtube cable adjusters, and you are running a front mech with a shifter that does not have a barrel adjuster, get an inline adjuster in there. Ditto a rear mech that lacks a shifter barrel adjuster and a rear derailleur adjuster.

Hot Tip: Put your inline adjuster somewhere you can reach it easily, and where it won’t bang into the frame or anything else, like anouther adjuster.

Spicy Tip: Don’t install it on a part of the housing that has a serious bend. You wanna straight-ish run of housing.

Cold Tip: Use brass ferrules, so they won’t corrode and get stuck in your adjuster like that guy in that Murakami book gets stuck in the land without shadows. Bummer town, I think they called that place.