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Surly Rear Cable Hanger


Sometimes a product doesn’t lend itself to long winded descriptions, or stories about drinking a whole bottle of ketchup. So I offer up this bad limerick:

When buying a brake from a stranger

You frequently run into danger

As a straddle wire is easily sourced

And a brake cable as well, of course

But it’s much harder to find a suitable hanger

This little dangler is relatively long, so don’t mount it on a small frame. Let’s say: 52cm or smaller. Ideal for low or mid profile cantilever brakes or any center pull brake.

What’s good about it? Well, it’s silver, it’s easy to install and adjust, it’s not gunna break.

What’s bad about it? Won’t fit all frames, and technically any dangly hanger isn’t gunna provide as good of power transfer as a fixed cable stop. That said, you wouldn’t be using this hanger if you had a fixed stop.

About 2 inches long. Chromed steel. For rear brakes, but I’ve seen them rigged off a stem bolt for a front brake too.