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Wolf Tooth Anodized Aluminum M5 Bolts



Black, Rose, Red, Orange, Gold, Green, Turquoise, Blue, Purple

Wolftooth isn’t known for making bolts, the way SRP was back in the day. Most folks don’t even remember SRP, but if you wanted to enlighten your whip, you would go to the nearest pro shop and shell out your paycheck for aluminum or ti bolts for your derailleur, bottle cages, stem, seatpost and so on. The marginal gains were, and are, worthless, but they did make your bike more bling. With that in mind, we offer Wolf Tooth’s M5 bottle cage bolts. Do NOT use these on anything except water bottle cages. Do NOT use these for bigger loads than a standard 28oz water bottle. IE, don’t go using these for your Liter Cage, a Manything cage with a tent strapped to it, etc. They might be strong enough for that, but they are probably not. Don’t take the chance. 

On a more positive note, these have great colors, they’re affordable, and they boost your instagram cred by .05%. Marginal gains. Sweet, sweet marginal gains.

Made in the US!