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White Industries M30 Cranks



Spindle Type


What costs 3x a SRAM GX crank, weighs about the same, and does the exact same job? A White Industries M30 crank! But, who cares! The White Cranks are still worth the scratch. They look way nicer, they’re US made, and unlike SRAM, they’ll be supporting the crank for decades to come. You’ll be lucky if the SRAM Dub interface lasts as long as the Dubstep craze. The White Cranks are stiff, strong, super easy to work on, and have a ton of different options, from low Q factor road bike crank arms, to mid Q gravel bike crank arms, to mountain bike specific crank arms. The chainrings are thick, nicely machined, and last as long as the best 1x chainrings out there. The tooth profile holds onto chains well, in combination with a clutch rear derailleur. We like both the standard steel bearing White bottom bracket, as well as the higher end but freer spinning ceramic bearing bottom bracket. If you ride a bunch in muck, just get the steel bearing set up. If not, and you can afford it, go ceramic. The bearings will last longer, and have less rotational friction. Unlike SRAM DUB bearings, these are replaceable, and even serviceable.

I’ve been thrashing my M30 cranks for 3 years, cranks and ceramic bearings. Despite some scuffs, and enough miles to wear out the original chainring, they feel as good as day one. I have the square taper Eno cranks on my touring bike, they are over a decade old, probably more like 15 years old. And they’re solid, no fuss!

Drop us a note to figure out the right cranks for you!