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Wera Ball End Hex Drivers 5mm, 4mm, 3mm

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Wera has a bunch of weird mottos. Screw in, Screw out. This is our core. I guess it makes sense, and it’s better than Screw up, or Screw off. All of Wera’s tools are made in one facility in Germany, outside of Cologne, so we assume it smells nice there.

Most screw drivers are made as cheaply as possible in factories where folks don’t care. The Wera program is different. Workers are mainly beefy guys and gals with mohawks and lots of tattoos. They look like they listen to a lot of Pantera, but still visit their mom on Sundays.

We’ve been using Wera metric hex keys in the shop for a while. They fit bolt heads well, they hold up really well. It’s that magic German steel. These Hex Head Drivers are dead simple, but they have better than average hand feel, and the bulge in the center fits in that pocket that the palm of your hand has.

Use these for installing bolts or adjusting bolts that require a low torque spec and you can’t reach with a standard hex key. Great for bottle cages, disc brake caliper pad adjustments, derailleur limit screws, that sorta thing. Don’t use ANY ball end driver to honk down past 5Nm, ever! It will knacker the bolt and eventually bodger the driver head.