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Unior Crank Puller for Square Taper and Splined BB’s


This tool is as underrated as the second Wipers album. Most crank pullers are patterned on the original VAR design. The Unior Crank Puller is too, but there are some differences that make it worth a look.

One: meaty handle. Think King Buzzo’s guitar tone circa Stoner Witch. Every other crank puller has a wee little single dipped handle, and that vinyl tool dip isn’t thick enough for you to really reef on the handle without hurting your hand. Not so with this handle. I don’t know what they dipped it in, but it’s bigger and fatter and more ergonomic than all the others out there.

There’s an 8mm hex key on one side, for pulling out the crank bolt. The crank puller side can do Octalink, ISIS (eewwww!) or Square taper cranks. Nothing really weird going on there, but when you go to spin this or any crank puller in, make sure the crank threads are clean. If they are dirty you can cross thread this guy and knacker your cranks with a quickness.