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Unior Awls


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Awl shucks. This is a nice awl. Not as fancy as the Park ones, but these Unior Awls are mo’ bettah, with bigger, more ergonomic handles, and no weird magnet that you can’t thump with a hammer or it’ll break. Also, these awls are firmly planted in the handle, they don’t unscrew… why have a tool that can unscrew from a handle if you don’t sell replacement picks? It just loosens up and is all wongley. Not ideal. These Unior Awls don’t do that. They’re tough tool steel. Useful for all sorts of things, like getting that recalcitrant booger out, 1920’s pulp fiction mob hits, opening up the end of your brake housing after you cut it, cleaning derailleur pulleys. You want all 4, but if you have to just get one, get the straight one.

Made by Unior in the EU!