Top Light Line Plus B&M Taillight


This is a rear rack dynamo light.

The Busch and Muller Top Line Plus continues the German obsession with making lighting products that would be a perfect visual compliment to a 1972 Schwinn Varsity. Big reflectors! Square! Muy vangardista! You want this light though, if you travel a bunch with your bike, or you are just Mrs./Mr./Person Safety. Because there is a remote chance that your generator hub will crap out, or your tail light wire will be crimped, or your bike will be submerged in a swimming pool filled with Blue Raspberry Slurpee and it will get into the inner workings of your tail light and fry it like an egg. Stuff happens. Sometimes evil villains are afoot, just waiting to throw your bike into a pool, and you gotta be prepared.

When your light isn’t getting juice, the big ole Varsity-esque reflector will be a fine stand in. Just keep it cleanish.

This light is pretty clever. Like lots of B+M tail lights, it uses a series of tiny mirrors, stolen from Versailles, to spread the light from 4 LEDs across the top of the unit. In practice, this makes 4 little LEDs look like a solid bar of light. It’s a bigger visual impact this way, easier to see from afar. Very bright!

Why doesn’t Analog sell the Top Line Plus Brake Senso whatever?

The more electronic monkey business is happening in your tail light, the more chances there are for malfunction. No one needs to know you are slowing down with a brake light. You are only going 12 mph. If you are stopping, put a hand out. As for the B+M Senso technology, we lump it in the same “don’t need it, could break, don’t pay for it” category as the brake light. Do you need a light that turns on for you automatically at night? No! You can turn it on yourself, like a light switch. If you are too lazy to use a light switch, then maybe you should get a senso light.

One day, when Jeff Bezos is running for dictator, he’ll make Alexa turn off everyone’s lights. He won’t turn them back on until he wins. Only the people who still use light switches will be free. Light switches will command exorbitant prices on eBay, until their sale will be banned. Then you will have to scrounge in rotting hulks of abandoned houses for antique light switches, which will only be sold on the black market, at great personal risk. The light switch will, in itself, become a symbol of resistance, with the catch phrase: ‘are you turned on?’ being used as a vouchsafe word for members of the resistance.

Buy this light.

50mm bolt spacing. That’s the Tubus standard, but also works on Axiom, etc.

We have an adapter if you wanna mount it on a 1 bolt mount, ala Nitto. 

Also if you want to hook this bad boy up with a Sinewave Beacon check this hot shizz out: SONtoBeaconWiringGuide

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