Tanglefoot Cycles Hardtack V2 Frame and Fork

Color:White with Black Drizzle and Dark Magenta Logos
Size:Extra Small

Forget the glitzy carbon-fiber fantasies. The Tanglefoot Hardtack isn't about posing at the cafe or winning 'gram wars. This whip's a bare-knuckle brawler, built for dirt, sweat, and stories carved in grit. It's the trusty mule you load up with dreams and point towards the horizon, the compass needle of your soul always spinning "adventure."

Think tires? Think buffet. Swap between knobby badasses for gnarly singletrack, grippy all-roaders for gravel grinds, or slick commuters for conquering concrete jungles. This ain't a one-trick pony, it's a shapeshifter in steel. Remember that 24 Hours of Big Bear you swore you'd conquer in 2003? Throw on some 29-inch hoops and relive the glory days, minus the questionable fashion choices.

Forget wobbly wishy-washy frames that fold under pressure.  We've seen enough light tubing dent and crack to know that it belongs on race bikes, not on woods bikes.  If a bike isn't tested to ISO Mtn standards for offroad use, it probably shouldn't be ridden off road.  The Hardtack's built with chromoly tougher than a boiled owl.  Thru axles that tie the steering together, stiff as Calvin Coolidge's smile. Long front end keeps you planted when gravity gets grabby, and that high bottom bracket laughs at rocks and logs, rutted roads.  The Hardtack is stable, surefooted, and ready to dance with whatever the trail throws on the platter.

And this isn't a disposable toy, a two season fling. This frame's an heirloom, ready to be passed down through generations like a weathered map to freedom. Twenty years from now, your grandkids might pick it up and think, "Damn, Gramps really knew how to pick a whip." It's got all the rack mounts for adventures across continents, fender eyes for mud season battles, and even lets you swap rear dropouts for a quick-release fix. The front drop outs are also modular: wanna run 12mm thru axle gravel wheels and then next weekend 15mm mountain bike wheels?  You can with the Hardtacks' modular steel fork dropouts.  This bike adapts like a chameleon hopped up on switchel and double shots of espresso.  

Alt bars are welcome. Go full outlaw with some Velo Orange Crazies or channel your inner lumberjack with Jones Full Loops. Just remember, with a bike like this, the handlebars ain't what make the bike, it's the fireball coffee cocktail in your belly and the mud caked to your muck boots.

Hardtack V2 framesets have landed in sizes XS thru Medium.  There are minor  changes from V1 to V2.  The most obvious one is the colors.   

As of this writing, Jan 3, 2024, we have the following stock:  7 of each color of XS, 6 of each Small, 2 white medium frames and 6 blue medium frames.  In other words, if you want a Hardtack, get it asap!  

Design changes:  

  • Biggest one is the fork.  Nothing changes in the way the fork rides, tire clearances, offset, material.  The difference is in the drop out.  We hatched the idea for a modular drop out that lets you run 12mm or 15mm thru axle hubs via a changeable steel insert.  That means you can run whatever wheelset you already have, if you have one, or pick hubs based on availability, color, etc.  Some gravel wheels only come with 12mm axles, some mtn wheels only come with 15mm, so now you can swap wheels with ease.  1 bolt install.  The bike will come stock with the 12mm axle inserts, and the 15mm inserts and axles will be available if ya need em.  
  • More brake clearance for bulky rear brakes like Paul Klampers
  • Slightly revised cable routing 
  • That's it.  Basically, everyone liked V1, so why mess too much with a good thing.

Spec type stuff:

Normcore 1 1/8 headset.  

100 x 12mm front hub or 100 x 15 with optional steel drop out and thru axle.  

142mm x 12mm rear hub.  Can get 135mm drop outs if you wanna play it fast and flexy.  

IS mount fork for 160mm or 180mm rotor.  Post mount rear for 160mm direct or 180mm with adapter.  They use the same brake!  Just a different adapter.  

73mm threaded BB.  

27.2 mm seatpost.  Seat tube has dropper routing.  

3 pack mount on top and bottom of downtube

standard bottle bosses on seat tube.  

3 pack mounts on fork legs

Fender mounts front and rear

Rack mounts front and rear for old school big ass racks OR Nitto R-10 out back and Nitto Mark's / Obento up front.

We already talked tire clearance.  

MTN EN rated for the gnar gnar.  

Not made for a triple or double.  You can set it up with one, but you are on your own with that.  We've done it, works fine, but it's a hassle and a time suck.  1x drivetrains work great.  I'm a retro grouch, and I endorse them.  

Not made for a Rohloff or belt drive.  If you want to have a go, you are welcome to it, but it was not in the design parameters and we can't help with it.  We can however, help if you wanna do a singlespeed.  

Until the end of January, we are waiving our $500 parts requirement. Frames ship 1-2 days after ordering. 

Shipping will be calculated after we box and weigh the total package and invoiced at that time.  


Shipping Information

Our on-line store is open 24/7 and we ship Monday through Friday, excluding some holidays. Orders received for products without shipping restrictions on its product page will ship the same business day when received before 12:00 p.m. PST. Orders in high demand will have an estimated production time listed on its product page and will ship according to the date listed.

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