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Simworks John Cage Bottle Cage



First off, best name for a bottle cage ever. Makes me wanna come out with a Nicolas Cage, where each cage is different, some work really well but most of them don’t even hold a water bottle, they just hold an air of regret.

Moving on. The Simworks John Cage is made from stainless steel, which has a sort of matte dark steel vibe going on. In a good way. Even the black one is stainless. There are 2 mounting positions, so you can monkey with the position of the cage, a bit higher a bit lower. Lots of little holes to confuse you about which one to stick the bolts in. These make the cage more speedy. The shape is unique, not of the holes, they’re just circles. But the bendy part, it’s original, not derivative of the other cages on the market. Grabs a bottle well.