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Simworks Half Moon Rack

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Holy crap this rack is cute. Not in a panda playing whist with a racoon kinda way, but still cute. It will make your bike look happy, which lets face it, lots of bikes take themselves too seriously.

Simworks designed the Half Moon Rack, Nitto made it. Nitto makes the best, nicest, and most beautiful racks in the world. They’re steel, like all good racks should be.

This isn’t a basket rack. It’s a small panniers or loaf style bag kinda rack. It can hold 25 lbs, which is a lot, plenty for 2 medium panniers and something strapped to the top.

If you want a basket rack, get the Simworks Obento or the Rivendell Basket Rack, which are both excellent basket schleppers.

Adjustable height. Not a rack for 29+ bikes, but a good rack for 700 x 50 tires or 650b x 47s, that kinda thing.

After you dial in the height, use some beeswax on the nut that snugs the adjustable height bolts in place. Otherwise that joint gunna slip.

Mounts to fork dropout eyelets, and either V brake studs with brake bolt adapters, or to Mark’s Rack mounts, or some triple fork leg adventure water bottle bosses.