Raceface Ride XC Seatpost 27.2 0mm Offset


Raceface is what happens to your face when you think you are a legit racer, but really you are a barely sponsored hack who has one 2 cross races but lost at least 15 of them.  If a friend is suffering from Raceface, you walk up to them pre race, and tell them good luck, and they look at you vaguely, like you are some sort of aberration or spot on their jersey that needs scrubbed.  This is a friend you have known for ages, consoled in times of tragedy, laughed with, and generally not wanted to smack around.  

And suddenly they have their Raceface on.  So when they run off, clomp clomp in their clipless shoes to use the porta pooper for the 3rd time for the race start, you just give that rear derailleur barrel adjust a few turns left or right.  It’s like Russian Roulette.  Maybe you’ll turn it enough that they’ll only lack one gear, or maybe the shifting will really not work at all.  This is called effacing the Raceface.  

While you stand under an absurdly large umbrella, with muck boots, a flask of gin and a cone of frites and shout at your friend "Allez, Allez, What is wrong with your bike?! You need to upgrade!  Fire your mechanic!’ you can be assured that Karma is not always just the workings of the universe, but can be taken in hand and guided.  

So I’m not sure why Raceface named their company that, but there it is, and it’s best to forget about the name and just focus on the products.  

Today we’re going to talk about the Raceface Ride XC seatpost.  It’s about as fancy as a beige Yugo, but just like a Yugo could get ya to work at the collective farm, the Raceface Ride XC seatpost will support your saddle without slipping.  2 bolt seatpost, with bolts arranged front to back.  Bolts that you adjust from the side are dumb.  Yes Tom, I said it.  Yes Keith, I am talking about you too.  Yes, Kent, I am talking about you too, too.  Who names their kid Kent then lets them go make Ti bikes.  Steel, c'mon! unless you are married to Lois Lame.  You see, bolts that tighten from the side rely on pure friction to keep the saddle in place.  They all use a variation on a round, conical nugget, the two sides of which tighten inward, bringing the saddle rails along with them.  The round thing is oriented for and aft.  Look this is confusing to talk about.  Go get a beer, but don’t open it.  Hold it in front of you, so the bottom is in one hand and the top in the other, and the beer is horizontally oriented.  Now, squeeze that beer between your palms as hard as you can, then have Jimmy try to twist the beer out of your hands by grabbing it in the middle and rotating.  Unless Jimmy only eats Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs, he will easily rotate it outta your hand.  That is how side bolt seatposts work (don’t work).  You want bolts oriented front to back-ways.  If the seatpost is designed right, and the bolts anchor in the top plate of the seatpost clamp, the only way the seatpost clamp will slip is if the bolt breaks, which isn’t going to happen.  

Next time you look at a lowly Raceface Ride XC post, think, good gracious, this seatpost is a way better design than a Bontrager, Moots, etc, seatpost, and it cost a fraction of the amount.  The thing of it is, more expensive is meaningless.  Good design is everything.  

27.2 diameter

0mm offset

375mm length

Shipping Information

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