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Paul Disc Adaptors



Paul Klampers are the best disc brakes on the market. Paul went through the trouble of making them, and you should repay the favor by buying his expensive but perfectly good disc brake mounts, too. They’re every bit as nice as a SRAM adapter that costs half the price, but the cool thing is Paul made them, in California, with a drill press in his garage and a file he stole from a nail salon (close, but not completely true). Really, the reason to get these is to support a US maker, and because maybe if you got silver or purple brakes, ya want a silver or purple adaptor. SRAM ain’t makin’ no purple adaptor, or even a purple adapter. Why are there two spellings of this word? I want consensus.
We stock these in silver n black, for 160 or 180 I.S. mount to post mount, ie from normal disc tabs that most bikes have, to the post mount that most disc brakes use. Happy to order these in colors, but you have to wait a long time and pay more. Let us know what ya want!