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Paul Component Box Car Stems

Out Of Stock

When Paul wanted to design a new stem, he contacted the hottest designer on the block: Vladimir Tatlin. Ol’ Vlad whipped up a design so hot that Moholy-Nagy was said to have suffered 3rd degree burns on his retinas the first time he saw it. Paul even sourced a vintage CCCP mill to make these stems, relying on aluminum salvaged from MiG-21’s*.

The Box Car stem is an ode to Soviet Constructivism, whether it knows it or not. And if you are a fan of early 20’s Soviet chic, Ford Tri-Motors and Nissen huts then this stem is the stem for you.

We are fans, of all of those. Buy this 'cause it looks rad, works fine and it comes in fun colors. Sure, the Box Car is strong, and well made. It’s lightish. That’s all well and good, but there are oodles of good stems out there for half the price or less that do the exact same job. Get this one, but just be honest about why you are getting it. Because you like hot CNC machined bits!

31.8 and 35mm clamp. 35mm, 50mm, 70mm, 90mm and 110mm lengths. The Boxcar uses pesky but ultimately superior T25 torx bolt rather than wee hex bolts.

Black, Silver Ano, or Polished like no one’s business, Custom Ano, all available.

*None of this is true. Moholy-Nagy wore sunglasses the first time he saw the stem, and they melted, but his eyes didn’t get burnt. **

**This also can't be confirmed...or denied