Nitto 'Brancusi' Brake Cable Hanger



Brancusi, the famous Romanian sculptor, was hosting another grand party in his iconic glass studio in Paris. The event was filled with lively (albeit drunken) chatter and clinking glasses, and many prominent artists of the period were in attendance, such as Psy, Coolio and Hulk Hogan.  

One of the guests was Mr Nitto, from Nitto Bicycle Components of Tokyo Japan.  He was in town, visiting his niece, who had just graduated from the Institute for Underwater Basket Weaving.   As the night wore on, Mr Nitto indulged in one too many glasses of champagne and became quite inebriated. In his drunken stupor, he stumbled over to one of Brancusi's sculptures and absconded with it, tucking it under his arm like a prized possession.  

The next morning, when Mr Nitto awoke with a pounding headache and intense craving for Pizza Fondue, he was horrified to discover that he had stolen a priceless Brancusi sculpture. He immediately felt guilty and decided to return the sculpture to its rightful owner.

However, as he was examining the sculpture more closely, he realized that the intricate curves and shapes of the sculpture had sparked a brilliant idea for a new design for brake cable hangers for bicycles. Mr Nitto quickly sketched out his new invention on the end pages of his roommate's copy of the Codex of Leicester and put it into production. 

Years later, when Brancusi learned of the theft and subsequent inspiration for the brake cable hanger design, he was initially outraged. However, upon seeing the design and realizing the beauty in its simplicity and functionality, he softened and even praised Mr Nitto's ingenuity.

As the story goes, Brancusi was reminded of the age-old parable about glass studios, cautioning against judging others too harshly for their mistakes or missteps, lest we be similarly judged. And so, he forgave Mr Nitto and the two went on to have a friendly relationship based on mutual respect, admiration and a love for Gangnam Style.  

The theft and subsequent inspiration for the brake cable hanger design became a legendary tale in the world of art and design, a testament to the power of creativity and the unexpected ways in which it can manifest. And though Brancusi's sculpture was returned, only to be subsequently broken by some guy trying to see if the sculpture would 'plane', its legacy lived on in the form of a useful and innovative bicycle component.

Two sizes and two finishes.  These are spendy because they are made in Japan, and filet brazed, then copper plated, then nickel plated, and in the case of the cerakote hangers, then cerakoted.  That's a lot of work for a tiny part.  They do NOT come with a barrel adjuster.  They DO hang off your seat binder bolt.  

Measurements are from the center of the mounting hole to the bottom of the hanger.  

Longer: 57mm 

Shorter: 45mm

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