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Unior Metric Hex Screw Drivers


Hex Size

Holy crap I wish I had these tools when I was building bikes out of the backseat of a 1985 Pontiac Fiero for Wally-world. Wait. I never did that. But metric screw drivers do make certain tasks that typically take forever, take much less time. Like installing water bottle cage bolts. Ain’t no one like doing that. Or 4 bolt stem faceplates. Or 6 bolt stem face plates. Screw you Thomson BMX stems! I’m working on an 8 bolt faceplate stem that I’m going to use to throw through the window of Thomson’s headquarters.

Also handy for other things, like scratching that weird place on your back that you can’t get to with your fingers…

The handle is shaped like a long skinny lime, but it’s persimmon red and tangerine orange colored. The shaft of the tool (how would you word it??) is vinyl coated for your protection. Wait, no, the protection of your bike. Yes, I’ve had a screw driver’s shaft tap a new bike’s paint job and watched the paint chip off. Not ideal when it’s bike pick up day, and the customer just dropped mad coin on that whip.

Hardened tool steel, made by Unior in the land of pedal powered mobile beer gardens.