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King Cage Iris Cage



Art deco cages for a post minimalist world. What? The King Iris cage is stainless steel. It’s nice looking. It’s US made, in Durango, CO the land of really weird book stores and cool rocks, among(st) other things.

Here’s our quick take. This is a great, cool looking cage for your road bike, commuter, or such. It’s not as good of a grabber as the standard King cage, so maybe leave it off the gravel bike, mountain bike or E-downhill rig.

Looks good whence cerakoted, too. Be the envy of your friends who paid 85 bucks for a piece of plastic masquerading as a bottle cage.

Steel cages can be bent back if they’re a bit knackered in a crash. They look fine when(ce) old. They can be recycled. None of this is true of plastic or aluminum cages.