Ingrid Road Cranks CRS-R2

Color:Silver Raw
Crank Length:170mm M
Spindle Length:131mm

I’ll never be rich and famous, Robin Leach will never do a series on my yurt lifestyle.  But if I was, I’d have a museum of rad cranks.  Cranks are the coolest part on a bike, I reckon, although of course there are rad brakes and brake levers out there too.  But cranks really can be a piece of art in and of themselves, if they’re done right.  In my museum, which would be generously open to the public every 3rd Wednesday on months that rhyme with Yay, there would be Magic Motorcycles cranks, Kooka, Bullseye, Syncros Revelution, Toplines, Caramba sidewiders AND double barrels, Sweet Wings, and these Ingrid Cranks.  Sure, there would be other cranks, dozens more, but you get the idea.  Mainly either steel cranks or machined aluminum.  The Ingrid cranks fall into the latter category.  Ingrid is an Italian company, and they’ve been making cool stuff for a few years.  THe CRS-R2 cranks are Ingrid’s road cranks.  They’re as rare as Fugazi’s Christmas album in the US, but we got ‘em.  On the face of it, the CRS-R2 looks kinda boxy, but when you turn it around you’ll see the box is full of shallow holes, like a really expensive ice cube tray.  Wondering what that black end cap is by the pedal threads?  Well that’s a 3D printed chunk of plastic that covers up two holes, drilled along the length of the cranks, further lightening it, ala Caramba and Rotor.  Very tricky.  End result, these cranks are wicked light, as they say round these parts.  445 grams with the BB spindle or roughly 100 grams lighter than the much ballyhoo’d extra ugly Campy Ekar cranks.  Ekar, incidentally, sounds like something you get on your shoe when you walk into the monkey zone at the zoo.  

Lighter cranks, along with lighter pedals do two things.  One is obvious, they weigh less.  The second is more important.  They reduce rotating weight.  Everytime you press down on a crankset, you’re unweighting the other side of the crank, and the less there is over there, weight wise, the faster / easier it will be to press down.  Rotational mass and all that.  These cranks spin up fast.  The low weight is noticeable.  Combine (for a road bike) with some non contact seal bearings in ye old bottom bracket, and you have a very quick feeling set up.  We can customize a White Industries or Wheels Manufacturing BB with good non contact seal bearings, if that’s your jam.  

Ingrid cranks can be combined with any of the of Ingrid chainrings while retaining the same old chainline.  Said chainline is whatcha need for a 135mm QR axle rear hub or a 142mm thru axle disc hub, AKA 47.5mm.  

You gotta run either an Ingrid 1x chainring with these, or get their 110 bcd spider, then run whomever’s 1x ring on there.  We recommend the former set up.  Cleaner, lighter.  Pair with any good 30mm bottom bracket spindle

Black, Raw Silver, Titanium ano finishes are $530 for the arms and spindle, $575 for Violet, Gold, Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Orange.  Black only for the rings.  Ring costs:  $120 for 32-34-36t, 150 38, 40, 42t, for and $170 for 44, 48, 52t.  

Contact us to get a set on order, we typically don't stock these puppies!

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