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Fifth Season Vortex Sack

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If you are the type of person who goes to the grocery store to get a can of Spam and comes back with a dozen eggs, a six pack of Moxie, a loaf of Red Hen Bread, 2 bonus cans of Spam, a pound of sub par coffee, and a small pumpkin, then you need the Fifth Season Vortex Sack. It’s huge. It fits in the big Wald 139 basket. It’s tall and wide and deep. Also works well for chronic over packers on short tours. It will easily fit a light sleeping bag, small tent, and some food.

Like all Fifth Season bags, the Vortex is sewn from US made waxed cotton. The hardware is all solid brass (no cheap plating here!) that’s also US made. And of course, the bag is sewn in the US. In this case the US means a tiny cabin down a disused road in Maine by a guy who uses a treadle powered sewing machine.